Patients Reviews

Once again; great service and always with a huge smile
JR Rivera | Sep 20, 2022
Well my experience there at the dental office was prompt and they did did clean my teeth for that appointment and they did a good job, Suzanne was the the doctor that cleaned my teeth and she's very helpful and informative y towards her patience and yes it's a good place to go in and work on your teeth so check it out see what you think and take it from there.
Robert Aguilar | Sep 20, 2022
Stephanie Velasco | Sep 17, 2022
Dr. Nourian, his dental assistants, and business managers are the best. They are a health dental office, not a "business" dental office. They will not try to upsale you on any of their dental or cosmetic products. Dr. Nourian will tell you what you need. It will be up to you to be the final decision-maker. Very fair, inexpensive, and friendly staff all the way around.❤
Grace Aspiras | Sep 16, 2022
Staff is professional and and very nice. I finally found my permanent Dental Office.
Gustavo Esparza | Sep 16, 2022
Outstanding service and extremely capable and very friendly staff. I wish I would have found this dental center earlier. Thank You!!!!
Jim Fram | Sep 16, 2022
The Doctors and clinical technicians are experienced, safe and gentle.
Joseph Jackson | Sep 15, 2022
I had two teeth extracted. My gums seem to be healing fine. So far so good!
John Arnaldo | Sep 13, 2022
Very professional
Julie Velazquez | Sep 13, 2022
Denise Saucedo | Sep 10, 2022
Lenny Lenn | Sep 08, 2022
I am a fearful dental patient.  I. DO. NOT. LIKE.. GOING. TO. THE. DENTIST!!!   I started to have an anxiety attack sitting in the chair.  I was having trouble breathing and my heart was going a 100mph.  For the record, I have no heart or respiratory conditions or issues.  The dentist and her assistant were so nice and very attentive, patient and understanding and allowed my husband to come back for emotional support.  I was able to relax enough for the dentist to complete the  implant installation. Unfortunately, I didn’t have two dental procedures in me, that day, so I had to reschedule the extraction and the person who does the scheduling was very nice and helpful.  I’m glad that I found an dentist office where everyone is so nice, accommodating and professional.  It’s taken me awhile to find that after several failed attempts at other dentist offices.
Donne K. | Sep 06, 2022
"If your looking for a Great Dentist's Office check out Whittier Dental Center your teeth will Thank You!!!!"
Troy D.
"Wow what I like about Whittier Dental Center I went in one day they gave me X-rays and a Panel x-ray which is almost like a 3D x-ray"
Tony F.
"I have shared often of my experiences at Whittier Dental Center. I cannot emphasize enough how much better I feel about keeping my teeth clean and in good condition."
Darlene H.
"Just wrapped up my two in-plant procedure at Whittier Dental. Can’t express how satisfied I’m with the service provided at this dental office."
Robert B.